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Ericsson House terraces

Useful information about terraces




Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed on how to use the   terraces located in Ericsson House building:

  • On 21        April the furniture will be placed on the terraces of Ericsson House        building which will remain there until late autumn
  • The        Fűvészkert named terrace located on the 1st floor can not yet be used        due to the doors are controlled with smoke and heat control system. Our        demand has been submitted to the Facility Management of the building.
  • The        access rights for terrace card readers are granted to all employees who        have general rights to the Ericsson House office  
  • The        terrace doors can be opened by the access cards. Please pay attention        when closing the doors in considering that currently not all doors are        provided with automatic door closer (ordering of missing door closer has        been already taking care of)  
  • The        railing height complies with the relevant Hungarian Construction        Standards however we kindly ask you to pay special attention when using        the terraces in order to avoid the risk of accidents  
  • Smoking        (including e-cigarettes) is strictly forbidden in the terraces
  • There        are no trash cans on the terraces therefore we kindly ask you to use the        trash cans placed next to terrace doors in the office  
  • Electrical        sockets placed on the terraces are for the equipment for building        management and maintenance, we kindly ask you do not use them or place        there extensions
  • Please        do not take the terrace furniture inside the office area and do not take        outside the office furniture
  • Please,        do not water plants 
  • Due        to safety reasons there are no parasols and sunshades placed out  
  • We        kindly ask you do not use the terraces during rainy weather in case of        protecting the cleanness of carpets  
  • We        kindly ask you to do not use the terraces during windy weather as the        air wind would disturb colleagues at workstations nearby the terrace doors.